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May 23rd was Mr. T’s Birthday. To help celebrate, the children made him a cake made out of turtle food blocks and decorated with stars.
Having pets at childcare can help develop skills such as:

:: Nurturing Skills
:: Responsibility
:: Empathy
:: A caring attitude
:: Communication

(Q.A 1.1.3)


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Luca loved Mr.T.Happy Birthday 🎉🎉🎈🍰

Ohhhh Mr T.... how I miss secretly feeding you on the weekends 😊 happy bday mate

Happy Birthday T-Man xx

Happy birthday Mr.T

So cute happy birthday Mr T

Happy Birthday Mr T 🐢

Aww happy birthday Mr T 🎂🎉

I love 🐢 turtles! 💖

That's so cute🤗

13 years ago when he arrived at Bimbi he was checked by a vet and his age put at 8 years. That makes him 21! Happy 21st Mr T.

How cute 😊

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What’s for lunch?

Pork Meatballs with Mash and Veggies!

What’s for lunch?

Pork Meatballs with Mash and Veggies!


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Amelia Cos Alexandra's favourite

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The Fairy Penguin children went for a little walk to our mandarin tree which is located at the front of the centre this morning. The children had great fun picking mandarins and then placing them in the basket. Discussions about where our food comes from and healthy eating took place during this educational experience.

QA 2.1.3

The kindergarten children have been invited to be part of a community outreach program at St.Christopher’s Primary School. This will involve four activity/ library sessions with a group of grade 6 students.

The Kindergarten children encountered their first visit on Monday morning. The children took part in a scavenger hunt, a drawing activity and spent some time on the play ground.

The planned excursions will assist the children with their school readiness program. The aim is for the children to become confident with the school grounds and have positive experiences with the children at the school.

Q.A- 6.2.1


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Such a great experience for them, thanks guys 😊

What a great idea :)

Those little high vis jackets 🙀😍😍😍

Jessica had the best time! She can’t stop talking about it. 😊

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On Friday 10th of May we held our Mother’s Day morning tea. The children spent the week preparing for this special event by making gifts for their mothers as well as decorations to set up their rooms for the event.
Everyone had a wonderful day and we thank all the mothers and grandmothers who attended this special morning tea.
Celebrating special days with the children and their families at our centre supports our commitment to instil in the children and their families a sense of belonging to the community. As the children participate in activities such as decorating and making gifts, and sharing a meal together, they are being exposed to positive experiences which result in feelings of happiness and satisfaction in doing things for others. Through positive experiences, children begin to develop an understanding of themselves as significant and respected and begin to develop feelings of belonging.
(Q.A- 6.2.3)

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