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The things you need to know when choosing a Day Care Centre
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Our Core Values

1. Safe, Happy, Caring Child Care

2. Highly Nutritious Food Prepared Daily

3. Education appropriate to your child’s needs

4. Highly Experienced, Family Owned and Operated

5. At your convenience

Finding the right Day Care Centre for you and your child

Bimbi Day Care understands that choosing the right child care centre can be a very difficult decision, and we would like to make you feel as comfortable as possible and encourage you to ask as many questions as you like, while deciding if our centre best suits you and your child.

When looking for a child care centre, it is important to understand that each centre differs in their approach to children’s needs and the service that is provided, therefore we would encourage you to visit a variety of centres before making your selection.

Always remember that the choice of a child care service is a personal one and dependent upon your needs and preferences.

Bimbi Day Care believes that it is our responsibility to do all we can to assist children in developing to the best of their potential.