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Maria set up a soft silicone whisk with Pom poms, which enabled the children in the Blue Wrens Room practice their fine motor skills.

It helps children to perform important tasks such as:
- feeding themselves
- grasping toys
- buttoning clothes
- writing

Through out last year, at Bimbi Day Care & ELC, we documented each rooms mini projects and created a beautiful book called “BELONGING, BEING, BECOMING 2018”.
Rich and authentic documentation of the children’s learning is visible in this book, which created fond memories of the children’s learning and development throughout the year.

This book is located in the foyer for all of the families and children to view at any time.
(QA- 1.3.3)

One of our favourite events at Bimbi Day Care & ELC, is CRAZY HAIR DAY!! ...

The children in the Blue Wrens Room, had the opportunity to explore these beautiful liquid floor tiles, which feature colourful liquids inside them. This experience created a fun and exciting environment as the children saw cause and effect of the internal liquids moving.

Sensory play encourages children to learn, develop and grow whilst they have fun. Children are encouraged to explore, investigate and develop their ideas through sensory play. The use of open-ended resources promote exploration and investigation in sensory play.

Q.A 1.2.3

At Bimbi Day Care & ELC, we take pride in the way we create inviting play spaces for all the children to explore and learn from.

The environment is a key enabler of relationships - how our environment is set up helps determine how, and what kind of relationships will occur with in it.
NQS 3.2.1

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Our Core Values

1. Safe, Happy, Caring Child Care
2. Highly Nutritious Food Prepared Daily
3. Education appropriate to your child’s needs
4. Highly Experienced, Family Owned and Operated
5. At your convenience

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