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1 week ago

Bimbi Early Learning and Day Care, Airport West

Yesterday, the Kinder children were invited to St. Christopher’s Primary School for a special tour and to experience certain aspects of school life.
Ms. Lewis, conducted a special tour for the Kinder children and showed them where the office, sick bay gymnasium and library is located. The children also had the opportunity to join in with Prep Maroon, in a story read by Ms. Mastromico, which they all were very excited to be part of.
Starting school involves a number of changes for children and families. This includes the differences between your child’s current setting (eg home, long day care) and the primary school they will be attending. When children start school, they experience changes in their physical environment, relationships, learning and rules, so we believe that attending a tour of St. Christopher’s P.S will assist the children with a smoother transition to school.
(Q.A- 6.2.1, 6.2.3)

1 week ago

Bimbi Early Learning and Day Care, Airport West

On Friday morning, our Kindergarten children participated in an annual “Mini Olympics” which took place with our sports & fitness coach, Ange. Usually the children participate in this program weekly at the centre, however last week we decided to walk down to McNamara Reserve, where we met Ange with all the activities set up.

The Mini Olympics included a range of activities and games, and it was a great way to burn off excess energy before the closing ceremony. Each child received a medal for their efforts and participation on the day and enjoyed their picnic lunch before heading back to Bimbi!


:: Sports boost self-esteem
:: Playing sports help develop teamwork and leadership skills.
:: Children develop lifelong healthy lifestyle habits
:: It’s fun!
(QA 1.1.3)

3 weeks ago

Bimbi Early Learning and Day Care, Airport West

We had a fabulous day celebrating Halloween yesterday at Bimbi Day Care. Have a look at some of the fabulous and creative costumes that the children and staff arrived in! ...

4 weeks ago

Bimbi Early Learning and Day Care, Airport West

The kindergarten children have started a pen pal program with kindergarten children from Mc Kenney Harrison Elementary School, Indiana, USA. The children were so excited to prepare a booklet to send to their new friends. Each child drew a picture of what they love doing at kindergarten, their name and age.
Yesterday, the children received their first letter from their pen pals from Indiana and were extremely excited with the letter that they received from their new friends!


:: Assists children to understand diversity and gain a stronger respect for differences

:: Promotes interest in geography

:: Assist children with their literacy skills


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This is such a fantastic initiative. How exciting for all the students involved. Well done bimbi 👏🏻

This is such a great initiative. How exciting.

Brilliant... I have such fond memories of my childhood pen friends!

This is such a great program. I still correspond to my penpals that I met through school

I love this!!! So glad that our classes get to write to each other! Can't wait to see what else comes in the mail. This book was adorable!

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1 month ago

Bimbi Early Learning and Day Care, Airport West

The educators in the Honey Eaters Room have been supporting children’s creative skills by setting up a still life experience with pastels, being the chosen medium. The children discovered that you can use the tip of the pastel like any drawing material, and the colour really comes alive when you turn the pastel on its side and move it across the paper. The more pressure you apply, the more vibrant and intense the colour displays on paper.

An antique red tea pot with a lavender field canvas was set up for the children, and the children were encouraged to draw a still life representation of what they could see in front of them. The child’s voice was captured in this experience, and we had some very creative interpretations!


The second, or pre-schematic stage, is entered when the child produces their first representative symbols for objects in his environment. These symbols are formed with circles, squares, and lines. The symbols change frequently.
When the child begins to identify the objects, he draws by a name, he has moved into the third stage of development. Even though these drawn objects may be unrecognisable to adults, it is the act of naming that is significant. For children, the objects they have drawn are easily identifiable.
Subsequently, suns (a circle), and houses (squares and triangles) and other shapes from their environment begin to appear in the child’s art as they prepare for the next stage.
(N.Q.S 1.1.3)

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