What an amazing Day!

The centre participated in so many experience to help raise money for Red nose Day. Each room had a disco with music given by red nose day organizer’s and took part in the coloring in competition.Here is a short paragraph of what each room did on Friday 24th June 2017:


Made and sold fruit slices and made red noses to wear to the disco!

3 year old’s:

Made and sold strawberry and oat muffins with the children to sell, the all wore the colour red and they made some red paper plate faces with pom poms, red hair and, eyebrows and mouths too

4 year old’s:

Children made key rings to sell to parents, discussions about the fundraiser (this was done leading up to the event), red nose biscuits were made, children dressed in the colour red, face painting and they played stick the red nose on the clown!20160622_111039 20160624_094136 20160624_092627 20160621_144124(0) 20160624_101401


Over all we had such a successful day we raised $274.00 from Bimbi Day Care Airport West to Red Nose Day for 2017.

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