Here at Bimbi Day Care the children were amazed and excited for the fire truck visit. It was so much fun, the children had the opportunity to experience seeing the fire truck, seeing the water hose, hold the big hose nozzle, the fan they use to clear the smokey air in a fire and meet 3 hero firemen. It was such a great experience for the children to learn about dangers and safety if they were to ever see a fire. Take a look at some photos of our amazing fun filled morning! 0lO9te_gWESQOvOvjcyg3w_n AdMbaqhWNUOBl1fQkZylwQ_n B5P-f4SGEUOQfOKZU6dckQ_n Np3c2D24T0-UaTXQ0AFfqQ_f Ta7W74Y3zk2_bE3yj996pQ_n Tl1HqDIhM0yYoVG_TUVMmw_f YwebRnc7l0CfzkhcjDSXkA_n


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