Childcare airport west police car visit

Local Police Visit Bimbi Day Care

Local Airport West Childcare centre, Bimbi Day Care, had a visit from some very friendly local police on Tuesday the 31st of March at 10:30am. The children had plenty of smiles and questions for the police officers. The police ladies names were Constable Madeline and Constable Jess. They were very friendly and spoke to the children about safety and in emergencies to call 000. We also spoke about different types of emergencies such as fires etc.

We spoke to the radio dispatcher at the police station and they responded with hello to Bimbi Day Care and we responded hello back to the office! Very exciting. The children had the chance to hear the sirens repeatedly and some even had the opportunity to turn the siren on. We got plenty of pictures for families to see.

cop4 cop3 cop2 cop1 cop 5


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