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At Bimbi Day Care, we believe that the basic motivation behind all behaviour is the desire to belong, be accepted and to contribute. When guiding young children's behaviour we base our interactions with the following in mind.

As individual personalities are formed within the first few years of life, it is essential that children's behaviour is approached in a positive way. Our objective is to stimulate children into desirable ways of behaving and to provide effective guidance.

We recognise children as individuals regardless of their background, age or experience. A child cannot be viewed in isolation to their families and communities, as they are a part of an important family unit and community/cultural group. We value their opinions and encourage them to make their own decisions and to take responsibility for their own behaviour. By listening to the children, getting down to their level and acknowledging their views, we accept them as equals.

Babies and children need to be treated with the same respect that we would like to be treated ourselves. Trust is a basis for all relationships and if shown between adults and children will allow individuals to develop positive attitudes towards themselves and others. By being consistent with our expectations we help the children feel safe and secure in their environment.

We believe that a trusting relationship between educators and children, and between educators and parents, helps to strengthen the bridge between the home and centre environments. The establishment of a secure relationship with a significant adult, impacts all areas of a child’s development. The more secure the base, the more likely the child is to branch out and explore their physical and social environment. The development of this relationship does not happen overnight, and requires input from all three parties involved i.e. parents, child and educators.

We believe that co‑operation is a process of working together with other adults and children with a willingness to be flexible, and feel that the need of others around us are as important as our own needs.

We focus on acknowledging the efforts of children rather than the finished product; in this way we are helping children to feel good about themselves. By getting the children to share responsible tasks and chores which are age appropriate, we help them feel that they belong and are important.

Bimbi Day Care believes that it is our responsibility to do all we can to assist children in developing to the best of their potential. We can advise parents and supply them with information about our programs and practises. We also respect the individual philosophies and ideas that each family and educators member has on child rearing and teaching. Just as each child and family brings with them, a unique perspective of life and learning, so does every childhood professional.

We focus on acknowledging the efforts of children rather than the finished product; in this way we are helping children to feel good about themselves.

Our Core Values

1. Safe, Happy, Caring Child Care
2. Highly Nutritious Food Prepared Daily
3. Education appropriate to your child’s needs
4. Highly Experienced, Family Owned and Operated
5. At your convenience