Beetles Room 18th April – 22nd April

Beetles Room | Early Learning Tullamarine | Bimbi Day CareWhat we did

From the last couple of weeks children are very interested in a book named “A trip to Dinosaur time” by Michael Foreman. We have been reading this book almost every day as this book has served as a provocation to spark children’s interest in Dinosaurs. We have extended children’s understanding about dinosaurs through group discussions, craft activities and setting up a dino land in the room.

Children enjoyed spending their time in the dinosaur land where they observed different kinds of dinosaurs. We then extended this play through a dino fossil digging sensory play. We made dino fossils with salt dough and baked them until hard. Those fossils were then hidden. Children used spades to dig up the dirt in order to find the hidden fossils. They observed the fossils using magnifying glasses.

We also set up an area with Dinosaurs cards and tiny plastic dinosaurs where children were encouraged to observe the characteristics of the different dinosaurs.

Children loved making handprint Triceratops and paper plate Brontosaurs and talked about their sizes and physical appearance.

What we learnt

Michael Foreman’s book “A trip to Dinosaur time” is a passport to prehistoric times and we started our research about Dinosaurs. We studied dinosaurs by incorporating a myriad of science and sensory activities. Dinosaurs fascinate children and their study fosters curiosity and a thirst for learning. Dinosaur study is very beneficial for the children as it provides some unique research opportunities.

It is also a great to incorporate the math concepts of measurement, sorting, classifying etc. Children’s vocabulary explodes as they need new words for “big” to describe the dinosaurs. Children begin to use words like “huge”, “enormous”, and “gigantic”.   Additionally, we were amazed with the capacity some children have for learning and remembering dinosaur names.  This is not a frivolous skill as these names often have Latin roots and, in addition to the initial value, will transfer over to learning and understanding other Latin-based words. Exploring the world of dinosaurs also opens up the creative minds and enhance their imagination skills. Children developed many skills like problem solving, exploring, investigating etc. This learning has affected children’s minds very positively.